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Jim Thompson is perhaps best known for his 24 years as the Editorial Sports Cartoonist for the Los Angeles Daily News where he gathered a loyal following (and a few critics). He is now garnering that same level of respect and loyalty as a sports sculptor. During his tenure as the Editorial Sports Cartoonist, Jim worked for many Editors. Most notably Joe Jares, Sports historian, book author and former Sports Illustrated Editor. Joe loved Jim’s cartoons and hired him in the early 1980’s. Jim stayed 24 years; his weekly cartoons have been collected by sports personalities like Peter Ueberroth, Ted Turner, the LA Dodgers, the LA Clippers and scores of private sports enthusiasts.  For many years, providing for his growing family was Jim’s primary concern so he continued working as a successful trial attorney and cartoonist for the LA Daily News. This took Jim slightly off course and away from his “first love”; but with the full support of his wife Katrina, he returned to that love—bronze casting.  Over the years, Jim became a self-taught technical expert on “lost wax” bronze casting, which started when Katrina enrolled him in a bronze foundry course at Cal State University Northridge. Jim got into the “nuts and bolts” of foundry work, and loved the hot, down and dirty process, from creating the original wax sculpture, to applying the patina on the final cast piece. From the moment of that discovery some 30 years ago, sculpture has been his passion. Bronze Sculpture Artists are few and far between. Jim is accepting commissions and his newest pieces are now available in very Limited Series additions.

New Releases

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Skiing through powder on the last, lone run of the day.

The Iconic moment when Jackie Robinson stole home. Yes - he was safe!

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